Our goal is to connect you and other professionals with similar research interests so you can expand your network and your knowledge of modern technology and developments. Request access for ideas.studio today to tap into our wealth of expertise and to contribute to the growing need of ethical and sustainable technology in today’s world. Join us on our journey towards the quest to make technology be guided by human-centered approaches amidst significant innovations in technology that will shape our world in the decades to come.

All within studio’s social sphere.

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What we are trying to do (The First Step)

The first step in creating humanistic technology is to assemble a community with as much human input as possible.

"Innovation is increasing the gap between what is technologically possible and what may or may not be in the best interest of human society and a viable future. We need human-centered approaches to guide the study, development, and use of technologies."

Sylvester Johnson

Virginia Tech’s Assistant Vice Provost for the Humanities
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What we are working on!

Collaborating, Teaming Up, and Build Tools